When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Johnson Construction, Inc. JCI was founded in 1943 and became incorporated in 1985. In the last three-quarters of a century, a lot has changed – technology, governments, world economies and the materials we use in our daily lives. But, one thing remains unchanged – our dedication to doing the best work possible. We keep an old-fashioned attitude about work, and that means it needs to be done when we promised. More and more, that means relying on solid leadership and hardworking craftsmen working in tandem.


At Johnson Construction we believe that our unique mix of being dedicated to quality; demonstrating commitment to getting the job done; leveraging our decades of experience; and building honest, straightforward relationships set us apart from the competition.


The experience of having worked in the area for over 80 years brings the benefits of knowing exactly what is required and precisely when it needs to be done.


When the work is difficult, expect us to rise to the occasion. We are committed to our clients and our promise to finish the job on time and within budget.


For us, honesty is a huge part of what we do. Without honesty, our relationships would not be as solid as they are today. This makes us a trusted partner in the successful completion of your project.


In today’s world, some companies sacrifice quality for price. We believe that quality means doing the job right the first time, regardless of the cost.