Project Details

  • Construction Date

    June, 2019 - March, 2020

  • Location

    Rifle, CO

  • Construction Investor

    City of Rifle

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Project Description

This is a three phase project. Phase one will complete a new 24” Raw Water line from the city’s intake pond to the water plant on hospital hill road. This portion of the project replaces an old 14” line that has been failing. The new line will provide a larger volume of water per day. The second phase of the project consists of replacing an older transmission line from the water storage tanks to the north side of town. The new 24” line will replace an old 18” steel line, while adding more connection points to the current system. The new line will allow the city to eventually supply more housing to the north side of town. The third phase of the project requires some additional tie in points along the 26th street portion. This adds more redundant valves so less residences are out of water during a break on the north side of town.